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How to Embed Youtube videos into Wordpress with Blogdesk


WordPress is one of my favorite blogging platforms and blogdesk is a lean, mean and cool blogging tool. Previously, I had used Windows Live Writer only if my post required a video, but I recently discovered that youtube videos could be embedded in blogdesk, and its quite easy.

This tutorial is divided into two parts: (1) hosted blogs, and (2) self-hosted wordpress blogs

1) hosted blogs: for example, your URL reads something like:

Inserting a youtube video with Blogdesk isn't as complicated at all. With wordpress and blogdesk, it is very simple and straightforward: put your youtube url as follows: [youtube=URL]. For example, if the youtube URL is: then your code should look like this (below):


The above code will use the entire width and length of your template. Should you want to customize the video's length and width, the following from Wordpress' support forum:

To embed the video with default width and height adapted to your theme:

To specify the width and height explicitly:

To specify the width only:

To hide the related videos from appearing after the video is done:

To show the YouTube search box:


2) Self hosted weblogs: sites that have their own .com, .net, etc., for example our other site:

Log into your wordpress admin section, click Plugins and then Add New.

Search for a Plugin with name: "Youtube brackets"


Install Youtube Brackets, and holla, begin to use the same brackets style as detailed above.

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