Since I moved in with Joomla, I have been doing a lot of Joomla research: themes, extensions, howto's, etc. I guess you would say, ÿah right" - thats the Joomla effect.

The following are some Nigerian sites running on Joomla, arranged in no particular order. Each site is scored between 1 and 10. The criteria used are: concept, css/combination of colors, appeal to the visitor, etc., everything that could make a site "cool".

1) - with just a couple of pages, its the flagship website of the Silver Bird Group. I think the cool feature of the site is the changing background color.

Score: 6/10


2) - of Guarantee Trust Bank (in my own opinon) is the first among the rest(Joomla websites of Corporate Nigeria). A big thumbs up to their graphics and CSS teams for a cool combination of colors. I love their front page menu.

Score: 10/10



3) - Their color combination is cool as well, but the front page looks a lot like that of GTBank. I am guessing the same template was used / perhaps one got its idea from the other.

Score: 8/10



4) - I don't know what "Jangola" means, but it sounds "Jalingo". Looking much like a News / magazine website, it mixes it content with a some "social-ness": forum, email and blogging capabilities for members.



5) - is the website of Daily Trust Newspapers. Using Joomla Art's Ja_Seleni template, it looks like the system administrator just changed the header and footer colors. It would be better if a couple of modules were moved around just to give it a different feel from the template's default.

Score: 7/10


6) - is a web design and IT service company. Their front page is the definition of unique. GTBank(Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone) and Diamond Bank's websites are listed in their portfolio, amongst many others.

Score: 10/10


7) - School of Media and Communication, Pan African University of the Lagos Buisness school: very simple, just little infos.

Score: 7/10


8) - I want to believe there is something that connects the websites of Skyebank, GTB and Diamond bank. The only differences I see are fonts and menu-types. Anyway, the site is cool.

Score: 8/10


9) - Fela Durotoye is one of Nigeria's most sought after public speakers, motivators in the corporate arena. His site is rich with information about his activities and professional life. He has a couple of other portals, ex: running on Joomla.

Score: 8/10


10) - is provider of virtual office facilities. Cool feature: simplicity, mixed with a very nice text-logo partially spelt backwards. They use the JJ-Obs slideshow by JoomlaWorks for their frontpage.

Scor": 8/10



p.s: the above is entirely the opinion of the author. Neither he/this weblog represents any of the above.

There are definitely more websites of Nigerian buisnesses than the above running on Joomla. If you know of any, please leave a comment, and let us see if it is cool enough.

And just in case you feel the rating for any of the above is not justified(plus or minus), please leave a comment as well, and explain your reason.

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