ICAST 2011 : Catching Up With Technology

Established in 2006, ICASTR8 is the most research-oriented, open-call, peer-reviewed & international technology conference held in the West African sub-region. We aim to nurture ICASTR8 to the status of esteemed IEEE conferences such as GLOBECOM and ICC. It was realized that most good-quality conferences are held in developed countries, which poses several challenges to researchers in developing countries, including: (a) refusal of visas to attend such conferences, (b) not being able to afford the expenses associated with such conferences owing to high conference fees, high airflight tickets, and high hotel accommodation. Thus ICASTR8 was established to alleviate these issues and enable appropriate linkage between peers in developed and developing countries.

Scope of Conference

ICAST 2011 conference is a fully-refereed international conference which uses double-blind peer-review process and covers all areas in, but not limited to:

* Telecommunications
* Wireless Communications
* Satellite Communications
* Fiber Optic Communications
* Industrialization & Manufacturing
* Electronics Design
* Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)
* Computer Networks
* Computer Engineering
* Computer Science
* Signal & Image Processing
* Electrical & Electronic Engineering
* Energy (Renewable, Oil, Hydro, Clean Coal & Nuclear)
* eLearning, Distance Education & Innovative Educational Platforms
* eGovernance
* Telemedicine
* Applied Science
* Engineering Management
* Other Areas Related to the Above

Each of the above areas is divided into focused symposia and chaired by experts in the speciality.

Source: http://icast-conference.org/icast2011/index.php


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