A major hurdle in the Nigerian educational (secondary school / high-school to University) system is the JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) examination. "Passing" JAMB / "scoring enough" to secure admission into a University is a major miracle desired for every secondary school leaver.

Recently, even the JAMB Registrar, Prof. Ojerinde disclosed that 82,000 candidates failed the 2010 UTME(Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) as a result of carelessness, with major factors relating to the candidate, his/her parents and the institution/institutions for which an admission application was made. The bottom line is that the failure rate in JAMB has skyrocketed to alarming levels, worthy of a National drastic action.

With JAMB been almost synonymous to the yoruba word Ijamba(accident), and a couple of online initiatives to make JAMB exam information, registration, news broadcasts and exam-results checking, etc; easier for potential examinee, a new service, has been launched (I heard it on radio this morning) to coach students via their mobile phones: JAMB Mobile.

What is JAMB Mobile?
JambMobile, the most effective preparation for JAMB UTME, using the Mobile Phone!  Packaged by Experienced Tutors and Experts in a partnership between the University of Ibadan Distance Learning Centre and Educational Advancement Centre
    to guarantee Outstanding Results in the JAMB UTME!
    - 3 Subjects Plus Use of English Language
    - Based on over 15,000 Real Past JAMB Questions
    - Arranged Topic by Topic to assure Complete Mastery of Subject
    - Programmed to build Speed and Accuracy towards the Examination
    - Automatic Scoring for Progress Monitoring
    - Provision for Parents and Teachers to be given continuous feed-back on performance,
    - 3 Distinct Learning Pathways for the Slow, the Average and the Fast Learners.
    Available on any Wap-enabled hand- set.
    50 Mb Internet provided per month.
    MobiLearn: Learn whatever, wherever and whenever!

To learn more, visit JAMB Mobile: http://mobilearn.mobi/
Unfortunately, JAMB Mobile, according to the information on radio would cost NGN6,800 (six-thousand and eight hundred naira only) for subscription from now until the next JAMB examination date. Once subscribed, text messages(JAMB practice questions actually taken out of past questions) would be sent to the subscribers phone.

The best part of course is that everyone has a mobile phone and therefore, students can be practicing answering JAMB questions wherever they are, at home, school, work or play!

How I wish the fee was free!

btw: http://mobilearn.mobi/ is running on Joomla!


0 #3 aybodmas 2011-06-04 03:46
good, build the moral towads exam.thanks for the site.
0 #2 aybodmas 2011-06-04 03:46
good, build the moral towads exam.thanks for the site.
0 #1 Dotimi 2011-04-07 22:04
Interesting concept... but what would you say about another solution (containing lecture notes, topic tests and examination tests) that runs on Symbian, Apple, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms without requesting for broadband access except only at the point of download and authentication, and all these (4 subjects incl. English) costs 2k?

It is time to take learning to the next level in this region...

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