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In pictures: how to configure WEBSTORY, an alternative to windows live writer for Joomla blogging

A couple of days ago, I complained about the Windows Live Writer error I battled with, but good news: WHO SAID THERE ISN'T ANY ALTERNATIVE TO WINDOWS LIVE WRITER(WLW)?.

Please welcome WEBSTORY. You might have heard of Webstory, but I'm just hearing about it: today, as in today; and the best part: I CAN JOOMLA BLOG WITH WEBSTORY. Webstory works and Webstory Rocks!!. Most blogging tools I've used and reviewed usually fall short(in one way or the other when compared to WLW wherever Joomla is concerned. And since Im so much in love with Joomla, I usually go back to old-school WLW.

Webstory has all features WLW has, and even more. I'm quite impressed by its microsoft word interface, possibility to group blog and tons and tons of features, please head on to for more info. The following is a tutorial on how to setup WebStory for your Joomla blog. I set it up without even reading the tutorial on their website. This tool is just so intuitive, better still, its free.

1) download Webstory (the setup file is in a .zip file): Extract / unpack and double-click the setup file to install. Click the NEXT button, fill in the blanks / accept defaults to install.

Please follow these screenshot options to set it up for JOOMLA, and note any inline comments.

Comment: type the URL of your Joomla blog/site. Note, if Joomla is installed in a directory, URL will be http://www.domainname/dir/....

Comment: identify your blog with a name, type in the username and password for the account.

Comment: Webstory cant auto-discover Joomla, so we would do a manual configuration. Note: my demo is on Joomla 1.5

Comment: Please note that I have the movable type plugin installed, thats why I selected movable type below:

Comment: default remote publishing interface. Refer to next screenshot on how to edit the default URL.

Comment: add /xmlrpc/index.php to the end of your domain name.

Comment: I chose free-activation here(below) because Webstory's Professional activation requires subscription/payment and has more features. Im ok with the free-minimal features which are even too much to exhaust. The free version has a daily limit of about 10-posts per day.

Comment: blog view

Comment: Webstory discovered all my categories

Comment: to compose a new post, click the NEW button to open the editor window.

Comment: Unfortunately, the signature is not optional, but who cares, as long as there is an alternative to WLW.

Comment: Test post - post-publishing. Note the green check mark to denote a successful published post.

Comment: Public view of test post.

Thats all folks. I shall be webstorying until further notice.








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