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Joomla Beez20 tutorial-4b: remove header

I would like to totally remove Beez20’s “we are volunteers” header header completely. For this reason, nothing needs to be added to or removed from override.css. Just edit two css files: personal.css, position.css and index.php as follows:

a) Locate the logoheader class in personal.css, and comment it like this: note the commented line in bold:

background:  #0c1a3e  URL(../images/personal/personal2.png) 
no-repeat bottom right ; color:#fff; /* min-height:200px;*/ margin:0em 10px 0 10px !important; }

b) locate the logoheader class in position.css and comment it like this: note the commented line in bold:

line-height:1.5em; /*min-height:159px;*/ }

c) locate this line inside index.php:

<h1 id="logo">

edit it like this:

<h1 id="logoXXX">

the reason is because we don’t want anything to reference it anymore. And as I do not intend to restore the header settings for this particular template, this block of code can either be commented out or even deleted:

<div class="logoheader">
  <h1 id="logo">
     php if ($logo): ?>
     <img src="&lt;?php echo $this->baseurl ?>/php echo 
htmlspecialchars($logo); ?>"
alt="php echo htmlspecialchars($templateparams->get('sitetitle'));?>" /> php endif;?> php if (!$logo ): ?> php echo htmlspecialchars($templateparams->get('sitetitle'));?> php endif; ?> <span class="header1"> php echo htmlspecialchars($templateparams->get('sitedescription'));?> span>
h1> div>-- end logoheader -->


My template now looks like this:



0 #1 Janilto 2013-11-19 10:01
Add Coment in line CSS

Editing file "css/personal.c ss" in template "beez_20"

font-family: 'Titillium Maps', Arial;
padding:0.9em 20px 20px 10px;
text-transform: uppercase;
font-weight:nor mal;


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