Honestly, if Yahoo ever had a stupid idea they pitched to Yahoo Email users, it would be their recent infinitely scrolling option. As far as "organization" is concerned, did they really think every yahoo-email-user would enjoy infinitely scrolling through their emails?

Me-thinks a couple of questions should have been asked first, based on what users would usually want to do, simple questions such as:

1) does infinite-scrolling really add value to "user experience"? The new feature is an assumed "one-size-fits-all" which actually takes away the user's choice as far as his/her email-box is concerned. Rather than taking away previously available options, Yahoo should have added more "customization-able" options for the user to tinker with, which would contribute to the "value" the user is looking for.

2) I want to delete all emails on the current view/page, how can this be done with the infinite scrolling option? Its absolutely impossible. I'll have to manually tick-through each one of them just to avoid deleting my entire inbox - or hit the select-all button and hope it doesn't select mails below the bottom of my screen suppose I scrolled down first before deciding to delete some emails.

Formerly available options to list just a number of emails per page in the "Mail Options" / settings area have been removed, so infinite-scrolling is a big bad idea.

3) I have a bunch of read and unread mails. I scan through all my unread mails and realize I dont need them. If I sort my entire mail-box by unread mails, I would need to click through each of them just to select only the unread emails. If I tick the select-all box button at the upper-left top of the email-list window, it will select all my mails: read and unread, and hitting the "delete" button won't be a good idea.

So still, the infinite scrolling option is not a good idea.

So just in case you are as pissed as I am because of Yahoo Mail's new compulsory scrolling feature, this post is a piece of fresh air out of the dilema: ditch the classic email view and switch back to a basic-view:

1) Login to your yahoo email

2) Click the Gear-box at the upper-right hand corner, and then click "Mail Options"


3) On the Mail Options page, scroll down and find "Advanced Settings".

Click the "Basic" option(refer below).


Your new mail-box view now looks like this:



  • to switch back to the new yahoo email, just click the "Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail" link above.
  • Your email settings / account options are available under the pull down menu besides your name "profile" (upper right)


For the basic view, email-list per page(page-view) is available at 25-emails per page; and next-page / previous-page arrow links are available as well.

Unfortunately the select-all button is not available, so to delete all mails on a single page, you still have to click through each email.

Duh!, honestly, whats wrong with yahoo.


0 #2 Mark 2013-07-26 14:02
I'm so glad I read your post. I was seriously going to just drop Yahoo altogether after seeing the horrible inbox layout forced on me recently. Infinite scroll, two frame-like menu panes... ridiculous. Who the hell makes those stupid design decisions? No one who has ever used web mail before, that is clear. At least there's the Basic option. Thanks again!
0 #1 Dillard Stone 2013-07-11 06:47
You're completely right about Yahoo's awful infinite scroll - the worst idea since Google went to a Facebook model for Google News (then backtracked). Thanks for the tip about using Yahoo Mail Basic to get back the page-oriented view, but unfortunately there's a showstopper: auto-completion of e-mail addresses is broken in Basic. Yep, you have to type the entire "To:" address by hand. That's even worse than infinite scroll. What a disaster.

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