There are so many websites on the internet where you can learn to speak another language. From using different forms of visual aids to downloading audio files for offline listening, there is always something missing in my opinion, which is ASKING QUESTIONS. It was always a one-way street and I couldn't ask anybody any questions - real time. I am the "why" kind of guy and I prefer understanding things from that perspective.

There is one site that stands out among the rest, it is VERBLING.

I stumbled on their site about 3-weeks ago, and it was just unbelievable. At first I felt scared, talking to an absolute stranger. Anyway, I learnt Spanish for about 30-minutes and I taught my listener some English. The audio was so clear, t'was as if the other guy was in the next room to me. The best thing is that VERBLING is all FREE.

What better way to learn a language than hear it from native speakers, and ask questions about what exactly you want to learn / know about.

Yesterday VERBLING added 9-new languages(French, German, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Hebrew, Chinese) to their list. So now, you can add more languages to your very-fluent and not-fluent list and start talking.

There is no better way to learn a language than to talk and listen and talk and listen.

Please head on to Verbling, open a new account, get a headphone and speaker, and start learning a new language.

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