Insult upon Injury: the above is the error I get when trying to download Kindle for PC. I'm wondering:

  • has Amazon concluded that Nigerians cannot read, or that
  • Nigerians aren't interested in reading, or
  • that Nigerians aregenerally bad people, therefore don't allow them to download Amazon's products, or that
  • Amazon thinks Nigerians will hack their Kindle?

I remember sometime ago, I tried buying an Oracle book on Amazon. I had my credit card, I presented all the documents to prove my identity as genuine, the only problem was that they won't sell to me because I am physically in Nigeria / they won't deliver to an address in Nigeria.

Obviously, the download is blocked as a result of the IP address through which I am accessing their site, which belongs to an ISP in Nigeria.

Does tribalism / racism on the internet ring a bell?

wahala dey o, no be small.

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