I experienced my first Ubuntu crash about a week ago. I powered on my desktop logged in and discovered my desktop clean as a bat - as if it was a fresh/new Ubuntu installation.

I discovered:
1) all documents, shortcuts and DIRs I had created and placed on the desktop since I started using Ubuntu were clean gone. My Documents and Downloads DIR were totally empty.
2) there was nothing in the recycle bin
3) Network Interface connections and configured static IPs had disappeared, in fact there was no NIC configuration.
4) Funny indeed, I discovered that all my bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox were gone - twas as if I had just installed Mozilla FireFox and was using it for the first time. Even my ScribeFire install was gone - kaput.
5) worst of all, my email. I had configured and had been using Ubuntu's Evolution email as my email-client. All mails and POP-3 email configuration had disappeared. In fact, clicking on Applications >> Office  >> Evolution mail and calendar pops up the new account configuration wizard.

Other software / Ubuntu applications I had previously installed Wine, BloGTK, Skupe, aMSN, Google Chrome, etc were all there.

The thing is totally surprising, I wondered if there was some big joke somewhere, if was wide awake. There is no other user on my machine so I couldn't have logged in as someone else. Rebooting my computer several times didn't didn't ease the headache. I have posted this on an Ubuntu Forum as: Ubuntu problem - files gone, email, gone, etc.

This is a complete wipe out - as if something had done a "restore to factory default settings". I have never experienced a Windows crash as terrible as this. At most, the OS wouldn't boot, then I know I have a problem. But with this, the OS is clean and all my files have disappeared.

Kindly, if you read this, have experienced such in times past, please leave a note below on how you resolved the issue, or you might leave a comment on the above forum.

warm regards


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