Suppose you have 2-directories(A and B), each perhaps nested beneath other top-level directories and the need arises for a symbolic link between them such that everything available in one folder(A) would be automatically available and accessible from the other(B), and vice-versa

CD "into" the directory(destination-B) of the symbolic link, and then use the command:

ln -s complete-path-to-the-folder-name-of-the-link(A).

After the above, to confirm if the link is working properly,

ls -ld name-of-above-link(A)

the result should show you the link to the other directory.

Example result:

at first, I print my working directory to show where I am:
tokunbo@debian7:~/alpha/ToVbox/Winxp1/images_from_desktop$ pwd

Link is already created so I do: ls ld name-of-my-link, and here is the result:

tokunbo@debian7:~/alpha/ToVbox/Winxp1/images_from_desktop$ ls -ld to_win_vbox
lrwxrwxrwx 1 tokunbo tokunbo 33 Jul 16 16:32 to_win_vbox -> /home/tokunbo/Desktop/to_win_vbox

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