Problem: I have a Microtower HP Compaq dx2300 CPU. It has an inbuilt speaker and even when I connect an headphone, the sound doesn't switch to the head-phone on my debian-box. I can hear the audio on both my headphone and the CPU's speaker. Several times I forget I'm disturbing peeps around me with the audio from the CPU while I wear my head-phone.

However, on the same PC, on the windows boot(its a dual boot), once I connect the same headfone, the inbuilt speaker switches onto the headfone.

Clicking on my volume control just reveals one volume adjustment bar and the below error message:

Error message:
Failed to start Volume Control: Failed to execute child process "gnome-volume-control" (No such file or directory)

Work-arounds tried:

a) when I disable the speaker from BIOS, the entire audio stops working - on Debian.

To resolve the above, got some info from google, installed gnome-media to use Alsa Mixer control panel:

command: apt-get-install gnome-media

alsa mixer

Now, I could adjust the audio settings to sound a little bit lower on the CPU's ibuilt loudspeaker (highly dependent on FRONT), and still have something on the headphone.

Note that AlsaMixer can be run from terminal with command: alsamixer

alsa mixer2

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