1) I am assuming you have WAMP Installed already, if not, first proceed to wampserver.com and download the latest version. Once installed, launch it, type on your browser, and make sure you see the default screen. And just in case your post#80 is already used for something else, here is a guide to changing WAMP servers default port.

2) Download Drupal - I'm using the v7.14 .zip version. Unzip into a dir at: C:\wamp\www, for example: C:\wamp\www\drupal - where drupal is the main directory containing all the drupal files.

3) Create a database in WAMP using PHPMyadmin. Make sure you have the following info ready: database name, username and password.

4) To begin installation, type: You should see a page displayed similar to the below. By the time we finish, all the processes at the left hand side must have a green-check mark.

a) leave "standard" checked, click "save and continue".


b) Choose Language: "English (built-in") is selected. Leave as is, click "Save and Continue",

c) Configuration: "MySQL....." is checked by default. Leave as is. Type in your database name, username and password. Localhost is the default Database host. Leave as is. Click "Save and Continue".


If the information you provided are all ok, the installation will begin automatically.


d) Site information: fill in the details as needed. Examples below:

Site name: My Drupal site
Email address:
Username: the username/password with which you(administrator) want to access Drupal.
* You could leave the rest of the settings as is / blank as we are on a local host.

Click "Save and Continue".


e) Hurray!! Drupal is successfully installed. Click "visit your new site" for Drupal's homepage.


And this is what Drupal looks like:



Note: windows OS used: Windows-7 Professional.

Your comments and questions are welcome!.

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