I was looking for available domain names when I came across I don't speak/understand Japanese/Chinese but I am wondering what someone in Japan is doing with a "Nigerian" worded domain name. Please click image to enlarge

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Ten-years after the launch of GSM services in Nigeria, the Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) has begun their phone number registration campaign, and their jingles are all over the media. Yes, it is a welcome idea, in fact, its long overdue. Nigeria has since been the haven for all kinds of mischievousContinue Reading:


ICAST 2011 : Catching Up With Technology

Established in 2006, ICASTR8 is the most research-oriented, open-call, peer-reviewed & international technology conference held in the West African sub-region. We aim to nurture ICASTR8 to the status of esteemed IEEE conferences such as GLOBECOM and ICC. It was realized that most good-qualityContinue Reading:

This is some great news:

A new undersea telecommunications cable to boost Africa's Internet access will land this month, mobile service provider MTN said Thursday, calling it the continent's largest data pipeline yet.

The 14,000-kilometre (8,700-mile) West Africa Cable System (WACS) fibre optic line is scheduled to reach South Africa'sContinue Reading:


Between advertising by all necessary means and intentional-spamming, the new trend with Nigerian companies is to go generate all the possible mobile phone numbers in Nigeria using Microsoft Excel sheet and begin sending bulk-email, all with the hopes that after bombarding these numbers with a lot of text messages, theContinue Reading: