Intro: Evolution is a highly evolved groupware application that makes it easy to store, organize, and retrieve your personal information. Evolution seamlessly combines e-mail, a calendar, an address book, and a task list in one easy-to-use application. You can read and manage your mail and events locally or on a network and thus handle the daily communication more effectively. source: click here. In short, Evolution is an email client and it comes pre-installed with Ubuntu.

What reasons would you have to change / move Evolution email's default installation folder?
1) to free up some space: by default, Evolution is installed in the home directory, and overtime, should you have a lot of emails with attachments just like I do, it could chew up a considerable amount of space.
2) for backup purposes, just in case the unexpected happens, and lastly,
3) for any other reason you might have.

Here how to get it done:

I am assuming you have a partition mounted where you store files. For example: mine is named "biggy".

1) display  the evolution installation folder by displaying hidden files: Places >> Home Folder >> Edit menu >> Preferences. Check "show hidden and backup files". After this tutorial, you can uncheck it - back to normal.

You should now see evolution's installation folder ".evolution":

2) copy (right click on the folder and copy) .evolution onto your new location and delete .evolution from the old location

3) Assuming you have copy/pasted .evolution into a folder called ubuntu on a drive/partition named biggy
use the command: ln -s like this: ln -s /media/biggy/ubuntu/.evolution .evolution

Check your Home folder directory now, you should see an Icon like this:

thats all folks, now launch Evolution Email, and enjoy it from your new location.

Please note: if the partition where you moved .evolution to isn't mounted, it won't start, so you might consider auto-mounting it.

Your comments, opinions and suggestions are welcome!


0 #2 nairabytes 2011-07-16 10:44
Quoting risdiyanto:
nice tutorial,...
simple n usefull

thanks, and thanks too for dropping by
0 #1 risdiyanto 2011-05-17 18:26
nice tutorial,...
simple n usefull

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