The following tutorial details how to move Mozilla Firefox's installation folder from its default installation location to another partition on your hard-disk. Reason's that warrant its relocation, (in my case) are:

1) to make it accessible from Windows.
2) I have observed that my bookmarks / favorites keep disappearing for reasons I cannot explain.

Here is how:
Close Firefox. I am assuming you have a partition mounted where you store files. For example: mine is named "biggy".

1) from your upper menu bar, locate Firefox's installation folder(its a hidden folder):
Places >> Home folder >> and then display hidden files/folders through the File Management Preferences: >> Edit Menu >> Preferences >> (select/check) show hidden and backup files.

2) Find the folder named .mozilla (below pic):
3) copy (right click on the folder and copy) .mozilla onto your new location and delete .mozilla from the old location

4) Assuming you have copy/pasted mozilla into a folder called ubuntu on a drive/partition named biggy
use the command: ln -s   like this: ln -s /media/biggy/ubuntu/.mozilla .mozilla.
Check your Home folder directory now, you should see an Icon like this(left pic)

thats all folks, now launch Firefox and enjoy!

Please note: if the partition where you moved .mozilla to isn't mounted, Firefox won't start, so you might consider auto-mounting it.

Your comments, opinions and suggestions are welcome!

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