In this tutorial, I set up Ubuntu16.04.2 LTS as a DNS-Server.

bind9 debian


For purposes of troubleshooting, you might want to see / monitor if your DNS server is resolving queries properly. Perhaps, you want to log the queries into a file for analysis, etc,.

rndc(remote name daemon control) is the command to use for DNS server logging. Its as simple as running the command and then viewing your message-file's tail

Very simply, log into your DNS-server as root,

Turn on logging

#rndc querylog

the above command, when executured logs DNS-server activity into a file /var/log/messages.

Next is viewing the file:

#tail -f /var/log/syslog

To stop the DNS logging activity, execute the same rndc command again

#rndc querylog


Tip, after stopping dns-logging activity, try viewing the log-file again, you would notice the last line says "query logging is now off."

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