I have picked up programming with Python...again..... and I just successfully installed the Anaconda platform.

What is Anaconda?

Anaconda is the leading open data science platform powered by Python. The open source version of Anaconda is a high performance distribution of Python and R and includes over 100 of the most popular Python, R and Scala packages for data science. Continue reading: https://www.continuum.io/

In this tutorial, I will set up Anaconda Python programming in an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS environment. The following are my specs: Memory = 1GBRAM, OStype=32-bit, Harddisk approximately 20GB.


Python is installed by default with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. To check your Python version, type "python" in terminal. You should see something like this:


1) Download Anaconda installation file

Go to Continuum's download page: https://www.continuum.io/downloads and pick a download for your OS-type:


I chose the 32-bit installer for Linux and downloaded a file with filename as: Anaconda-2.3.0-Linux-x86.sh

2) Install Anaconda:

a) from terminal, 'cd' into the directory where you downloaded the anaconda file,

b) Install with command: sudo bash <anacondafilename.sh>

c) First prompt-License terms: Do you approve the license terms?(yes/no)

d) Second prompt - installation prefix: accept the default - press ENTER,
or enter or enter a new prefix: for example: /home/username/your-directory


e) wait while anaconda installs....

f) Third prompt - Path directory: Do you wish the installer to prepend the Anaconda install location to Path.......
answer: Yes


Note: for the changes to become active, you have to open a new terminal. So just exit/close your terminal and open a new one.

g) Confirm permissions of anaconda installation directory / the directory where you installed anaconda. Directory owner has to be the user with which you want to run anaconda. If it is root, change it to your user.


Command (as root): chown -R tokunbo:tokunbo anaconda

3) Now, we install Anaconda Navigator

command: conda install anaconda-navigator

navigator installing, might take some time, so chill. Checkout some screenshots



installation complete:


4) Launch Anaconda Navigator

command: just type: 'anaconda-navigator'

Error message & resolution tip: if you get any error that has lines that look like this: "binstar_client.errors.BinstarError://...../.continuum/anaconda-client: Permission denied"

- click below image to enlarge on the error message:


The problem has to do with the permission rights of the hidden directory "/.continuum. "

Check your home directory to make sure the file does not have its owner as root. If it does, then change it:


command: chown -R tokunbo:tokunbo .continuum

Once done, you can now relaunch Anaconda-Navigator.

Launching screenshots:




With Anaconda installed, here is what I get when I check Python on Terminal:


Thats all folks!!

Your comments are welcome,

The problems you encountered while installing your own copy are also welcome.

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