Notes: My host is Debian, my guest is Ubuntu12-1.

1) Install Ubuntu as guest OS on Linux Host

2) download VBoxGuestAdditions.iso file onto your linux host

3) Boot up your linux-guest and add VBoxGuestAdditions.iso as a virtual drive:
- Devices >> CD/DVD Devices >> Choose a Virtual CD/DVD disk file > locate the .iso file on your linux host

4) its loads.... and notice the cd-rom screen to the left(also on your desktop)
- click RUN
- VirtualBox Guest Additions installs



5) Create a folder anywhere on the host-desktop and add it to the guest:
- click Devices >> Shared Folders and Settings
- select Machine Folders, and then the Folder icon
- use the Folder Path pull-down to locate and select the folder you created on your host(above)
- make sure to tick the Automount and Make Permanent checkboxes
- click OK to exit


6) reboot the guest OS:
- after reboot, locate the shared folder in the home/media folder
- it would be named something like: sf_<whateveryourfoldernamewas>

7) by default, only root will have access to the share directory.

To have access to the directory, your user-account has to be added to the vboxsf group:
- example: usermod -aG vboxsf tokunbo (adds tokunbo to vboxsf group)

reboot your linux guest to complete the configuration.

enjoy !!


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