GIMP2.8 Script-Fu is a collection of over 100-scripts free and available for download. Vrious pencil strokes, contrast, edges, effects (bevel selection, etc) shapes, etc are available in Script-Fu.

here is how to get Script-Fu installed on a Debian box.

1) download the Script-Fu bundle from here:

2) Launch GIMP, go to Edit Menu >> Preferences >> pull down Folders >> Scripts

by default, there are 2-folder paths there:


3) Copy the downloaded file: mine was a .zip, I extracted it into a directory under 'scripts'. Use the folder icon in the figure above to locate the extracted script-directory.

4) From GIMP menu, to to Filters >> Script Fu and click "Refresh scripts"

Now you'll have an additional Menu-Item "Script-Fu"(with a host of sub-items) besides the 'Filters' menu-item


thats all folks...

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