In our previous tutorial, we created a user account, a group account, assigned the user-account to the group-account, and set the necessary permissions for the user to login via Joomla backend.

User was able to login and see the control panel and profile editing options. Read the tutorial here:

After the above tutorial, when our user(sales-user) logs into Joomla backend, this is how the control panel looks like:


In this tutorial, we will give a created user-account the necessary permission / s to publish articles. User will be able to publish articles to any category, there will be no restrictions whatsoever.

Login to your Joomla site as administrator, and from the administrator menu do the following:

- click content >> articles >> options (top right hand corner) >> permissions

- find the groupname 'sales-group' or the group-name you created earlier

- set these actions (access administration interface, create, delete, edit, edit-state and edit-own) to "allow"


After the above is done, login to Joomla backend as the user-account you created earlier "sales-user".

The control panel will look like this:



- 'Content' menu-item and pull-down is now visible at the top menu; 'Content' side menu is also visible

- sales-user has the ability to perform functions: create new articles, delete existing articles, edit, publish / unpublish any article regardless of author or category;

- user can view article list by clicking the "articles" option; as well view the list of available categories via the "categories" option; publish or unpublish categories;

So basically, because no restrictions were set by the administrator, this user has all rights on the articles in the site.

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