Do you know that you really don't need Microsoft Visio? Here, is how I setup LibreOffice Draw tool and drew up a simple network diagram.


1) Download and install LibreOffice:

download link:

2) Download network topology icons from Cisco website:

download link:

- note: download ONLY the JPG file, and extract the contents into a folder of your choice.

3) Launch OpenOffice Draw,

- click on Tools menu >> Gallery >> New Theme

- on the general tab, enter the name of this collection, for example: My Cisco Icons.

- Use the Find button to locate the directory where the icons were extracted into, click OK, and then click Add All to add all the images.


- back to the gallery section, you would find your newly created theme.

4) Lets download more icons from VRT Systems:

download link:

scroll down to the end of the page and download the latest file. As of today, see below the latest icon-set file.


5) Install the downloaded icon set from VRT Network:

- click Tools >> Extension Manager >> Add >> locate the downloaded .oxt file.

- close the window and check back at Gallery to see the newly added icon sets.

See below:
- Cisco Networking Icons - set of icons added in steps#2 and #3 above,
- VRT icon set - from step#4 and #5 above.


Thats all folks!!

Hope your attempt to add icons to LibreOffice worked fine.

Lastly, here is a simple network diagram I drew,



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