1. If white rice is white, jollof rice is what?

2. How many times have you written this exam?

3. Who was d most abused president in January 2012?

4. Which Nigerian artist now wash cars in kanye west garage?

5. What are the names of the two people shaking hands when you put on a Nokia phone?

6. Complete with the appropriate word (wiz kid) oya oya ___ your mummy. A. axe B. hask C. ask

7.Each of the following causes death Except A. Mouth Odour B. Armpit Intoxication C. Rat poison D. Boko Haram

8.How old were you the last time Arsenal won a trophy??

9.What's Toilet To Ladies Nowadays? (A) Convenience (B) Photo Studio

10.Who pour water inside CoConut??

11.What is the past tense of BROKE?

12. What is the relationship btw fuel subsidy and GEJ, Okonjo Iweala, Sanusi Lamido and OCUPPY NAIJA?

13. Why do Nigerians look forward to the First Lady, Dame Patience speech?

14. On every ipod there's an apple behind it.,pls who ate dat lil part..?

15. who first make eba?

16. what is Sinzu and give two reasons why Sinzu is Sinzu

17. which of these diseases is likely to be found in Nigeria?? 1) poverty 2)corruption 3) PDP 4) 5) Boko haram 6)All of the above

18. Which Woman declared herself a widow with her husband still alive. a) Dora b) Dame Patience c) Ngozi"

19. u can sharpen cutlass on top of BankyW's head true or false?"""

20. which is the Shortest Nigerian Artist (A) MI (B) 2short (C) davido

21. whose head is bigger? A) Ikechukwu B) Banky W C) Don Jazzy.

22. Which first lady donated her family in 2011?

23. What is the past tense of PING?

24. Which tribe makes d best gatemen? A) Hausa B) Calabar

25. which year do you think Arsenal will finally win a trophy

26. Which tribe makes d best house maid? A) Yoruba B) Calabar. C) Igbo:D =D =))

All the questions carry equal marks

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