Do you know that you really don't need Microsoft Visio? Here, is how I setup LibreOffice Draw tool and drew up a simple network diagram.

1) Download and install LibreOffice:

download link:

2) Download network topology icons from Cisco website:

download link:

- note: download ONLY the JPGContinue Reading:


Virtualbox's "host only adapter" setting is useful if you want to create a network containing your host OS and several virtual machines.

The "No Host only adapter selected error" appears if no host-only adapter has been configured.

To fix this issue, shut down your running guest OS.

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Yesterday, I sent a mail to Zenith Bank Plc, with an attachment - a document that analyzed a scam email a friend of mine received about his "supposed" account in Zenith Bank (my friend didnt have an account in Zenith).

See below:


Dear sir,
My name is [my name went here]Continue Reading:


example-1)To extract a number of characters starting from a specified position, the Excel function MID comes into good use.

Syntax: MID(text, start_number, number_of_characters) where:

  • text is the string(cell# in our case) containing the characters to be extracted,
  • start number = the position of the first character
  • number of characters =Continue Reading:
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