Sometime ago, I wrote about: Mobile Phone Spamming, the new form of advertising in Nigeria, and mentioned about Swift Networks and Mouka Foam, both companies in Nigeria - whose bulk-messaging actions are the equivalent of Spam (as far as I am concerned).

I believe nobody at Swift Nigeria got the message, so here, I have sent them a formal email:

URGENT: Request for my number to be removed from your database
Thursday, June 16, 2011 10:33 AM
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hello Swift,

Kindly, I would like to make a complaint about the Junk Text messages your company is reputed to be sending all over the internet, majorly to GSM phone numbers in the country.

Please be informed that I am not your customer, I do not intend to be your customer and I have never requested through any means to be notified about your products and services.

Kindly desist from Sending your messages such as the one below to my phone number:

"Upgrade to SWIFT 4G Broadband and experience todays fastest wireless broadband technology. To learn more, call 01-7101010 or visit".

Plainly speaking, I am not interested in SWIFTng / any of your services. In fact your action to be spamming my number makes me more un-interested in your products and services, whatever they are, and I would rather advise my friends and acquaintances to not purchase your products at all.

And your text messages which are presently averaging 30-messages every day is seriously uncalled for, and a complete waste of time causing my attention to be diverted un-necessarily.

A staff of yours informed me that you send bulk messages to GSM numbers at random. I hope you are aware that there is no provision in the Nigerian Telecom Act, there is no provision under any statute, rule and regulations by the NCC that allows bulk-messaging, especially when there is no formal agreement between the sms-sender and the sms-receiver.

Please be informed that your actions are un-ethical, extremely-wrong, legally prosecutable, and I can sue your company for damages; which would include everything from sheer time-wastage to an unwarranted buisness proposal.

There is absolutely no difference between your actions and that of Nigerian scammers on the internet who use the same bulk-messaging idea to dupe people into non-existent buisness ventures and proposals to make them part with their hard earned cash. I believe you are aware that they(scammers) also have a 'please call us back number', just as you have, and they achieve nothing good than tarnishing the already tarnished reputation of Nigeria on the internet.

I am therefore imploring to please remove my number 234-XXXXXXXXXX from your database.

I have spoken for myself in the above email, but I am not alone. I have heard similar complaints from friends, colleagues, family members and even aquaintances - you send the same messages to millions of Nigerians who didn't request for them.

I have made this complaint several times by phone but it has fallen on deaf ears. I seriously hope that someone will read this email and take immediate action, or else Swiftng would see me in person at your office with a Lawyer and the Nigerian Police.

warm regards, and no heart feelings,
Ajewole Ayotokunbo


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