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Ten-years after the launch of GSM services in Nigeria, the Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) has begun their phone number registration campaign, and their jingles are all over the media. Yes, it is a welcome idea, in fact, its long overdue. Nigeria has since been the haven for all kinds of mischievous elements who hide behind mobile phones and wreck havoc from East to East and from North to South.

But I wonder why, in Nigeria, things are not done with a holistic view in mind. I want to assume that the NCC has very good brains to think things out in equilibrum and make solid projections for the long-term in order to reduce expenses and ensure reliability.

Taking a look at some of NCC's Objectives for SIM Registration:

1). To assist security agencies in resolving crimes and by extension to enhance the security of the state.

In an environment where emergency numbers of "security agencies" are 90% non-functional(both land and mobile), should we be talking about resolving of crimes(after the crime has been committed) or rather real-time prevention? considering the age of technology the rest of the world is - presently.

2). To facilitate the collation of data by the Commission about phone usage in Nigeria.

while the NCC is collecting information about Mobile phone owners, GSM companies(GLO, Etisalat, MTN, Airtel etc) are also collecting their own data about their subscribers. In fact, for new purchases, some amount of personal information is collected already. Whose data would be judged to be the most-correct one? whose information would carry more weight? the NCC or the GSM operators? and in case references are needed years from now, who will be required to provide the correct data?

Why are we duplicating efforts everywhere, and at the end introducing more margins or error even into the uncollected data.

3). To enable operators to have a predictable profile about the users in their networks.

I believe that operators already have a predictable profile about users on their networks. This is obvious since they are "operators". Whatever information needed should come from inside out, not vice-versa. Rather than collecting the information's over and over again, laws should be put in place to make GSM operators provide whatever information is needed.

4). To enable the commission to effectively implement other value added services like Number Portability among others.

So we should be expecting another NUBAN in the telecommunications industry? Shouldn't the "telecom guru's" in Nigeria have thought about this before-hand?

Some national financial budget is definitely going into the NCCs SIM registration activities. What a waste of money and duplicity of effort. Won't it be better if the budget for SIM registration is put back into the industry to make services better.

Here are some things to think about:

1) The NCC cannot verify if the person who has registered the phone number / is about to register the phone number as his/her own is the real owner of the number. The NCC would only begin referring to you as the owner of your phone number after you register it. Meanwhile, GSM operators have more concrete information: (recent number of calls made, the most-frequent called/calling number, details of recent re-charges and their amounts, location where recent calls were made/received, etc). These data are continously collected by GSM companies, so analysis can be done with the most-recent data's in view to arrive at a better conclusion.

2) Would the GSM operator practice of re-printing SIM numbers that haven't been used over a very long period of time be stopped. I possess an MTN SIM which I haven't used for like 3-years. I recently discovered that after I tried called the number(the SIM is in my custody), somebody(a lady) picked it up and said hello. So, MTN had re-sold the number since it was out of service for a continous time-x.

If I register a number with the NCC and discontinue its usage, overtime- the line gets blocked by the operator, meanwhile the NCC still has information that I own the number. If this number is reissued by the operator to another person, the number would bear my details in NCCs database, and bear the new owners details on the operators database. Another confusion-X; talk about false accusation.

3) Whose data would prevail if Nigerian Citizen-X is to be judged innocent or guilty and if NCCs gathered information differs from that of the GSM operators. This is a mathematical problem.

4) I can forsee that in another 2-years, the NCC would embark on SIM-card Information Update, just like banks in Nigeria did recently - for the purpose of updating their gathered info's.

By then, many people would have grown beards and shaved their heads; changed addresses within states / relocated to other states; some ladies would have gotten married and changed names; individuals and families might have changed their surrnames; a lot of numbers would have been lost/stolen, etcetera, etcetera.So another round of picture-taking and finger printing? another budget for the exercise and another merry go round of a waste if time and effort.

No pun intended, but I really think that things should be done better.



According to the NCC's webside, the following are the NCC SIM registration centers in Lagos state.

S/No. City/Town Location/Address
1 Abule Egba Car Wash Bus Stop, Progress Junction, Before Abule-Egba
2 Abule Egba 219, Lagos-Abeokuta Expr Way, Beside Ileepo General Hospital, Abule-Egba
3 Abule Egba 5, Kofoworola Str. Awori Abule-Egba
4 Abule Egba 20 Captain Olota-Off Agbelekale Abule-Egba
5 Abule Egba Katangua Market, Abule -Egba
6 Abule Egba 2 Ali Balogun Abule Egba
7 Agbado 33 Fagbemi Str Anisere Captain, Agbado Oke-Odo
8 Agege 5, Elhot Shoboyejo Str, Iju Ishaga Road Agege
9 Agege 7 Odejobi Str., Opp Oluwoye Pry School, Agege
10 Agege 15, Ogunjimi Str, Oko- Oba Agege
11 Agege 17, Olurinde Street, Orile Agege
12 Agege 58 Otigba Orile Agege
13 Ajah Owode Bus Stop By Ado Lanpansa
14 Ajah Eliye Bus Stop Ajah
15 Ajah Ajah Market, Ajah Last Bus Stop Ajah
16 Ajah Vgc Gate,Ajah
17 Ajao Peace&Faith Street Ajao Estate? Ltd Ajao Estate
18 Ajao 7, Peace&Faith Street Ajao Estate
19 Ajegunle Isaac Ezie Street Junction Off Boundary Road Ajegunle
20 Ajegunle No 32 Oyedeji Street Beside Ayota , Alaro Bus Stop Ajegunle
21 Ajeromi Ifelodun Ajegunle Bus Stop, Ajeromi Ifelodun
22 Alaba Shop X 150 Alaba Oro Market
23 Alaba 15, Olukidi Street Alaba
24 Alaba 13, Awope Str, Alaba Oro.
25 Alaba Michael Abao Street Alaba Bustop
26 Alagbado 658 Lagos Abeokuta Exp Way Adura B/St
27 Alagbado 290 Lagos Abk Exp Way Ile-Epo
28 Alagbado Awolesi B/St Ait Rd Alagbado
29 Alagbado 4, Old Otta Rd, Moshalasi B/Stop, Alagbado
30 Alagbado Ajegunle B/St Alagbado Off Abeokuta Express Way
31 Alagbado Amjay Alagbado Bus Stop Off Abeokuta Express Way
32 Alagbado Meran Bustop Alagbado Off Abeokuta Express Way
33 Alagbado Yusuf Lane Kola B/St Alagbado Off Abeokuta Express Way
34 Alagbado Mashikin Complex, Kola B/St Alagbado Off Abeokuta Express
35 Alagbado Dalemo Bus Stop Alakuko Off Abeokuta Express Way
36 Alagbado 56 Old Otta Rd, Ile-Epo Oja, Off Abeokuta Express Way
37 Alagbado Oposite Cold Room Miran Road Off Abeokuta Express Way
38 Alagbado Ile-Epo B/St, Opposite Ile-Epo General Hospital Abeokuta Exp Way
39 Amukoko Ile Sim Bustop Safejo Amukoko
40 Apapa 10, Giwa Street Ijora, Apapa
41 Badagry 1, Iworo-Ajido Rd, Aradagun, Badagry
42 Badagry Badagry Town Hall, Badagry
43 Badagry Oko-Afo, Community, Badagry
44 Badagry Ikoga Community, Badagry
45 Badagry Ibereko Community Badagry
46 Badagry Ajara Secreteriat Complex Badagry
47 Badagry Iworo-Ajido Community, Badagry
48 Badagry Agbara Community Badagry
49 Badore Badore Bus Stop Lekki
50 Bariga 31 Arobadade Street, Ilaje Bariga
51 Bariga Johnson Bus/Stop Pedro Road,
52 Bariga 12 Ilaje Road, Ilaje Bariga
53 Dopemu Pako B/St Dopemu Opp Ap Filling Station Dopemu
54 Dopemu 28, Olafimihan Street, Papa Ashafa, Dopemu
55 Ebute Metta Cafe The Dove, 33 Moloney Str., Ebute Metta
56 Ebute Metta 40, Olokodana Close, Off Apapa Rd Ebute-Metta West
57 Festac 23 Rd, U Close Crystal Videos, Festac Town
58 Festac 2nd Avenue, House 36 By Oasis Bakery, Festac Town
59 Gbagada 7, Williams Str, Sawmill, Gbagada
60 Gbagada Church Street, Gbagada, Lagos
61 Ifako Prematex Plaza Opposite Iju Garage Ifako
62 Ifako 10, Orimolade Street, Ifako
63 Ifako 3, Imhesi Street, Ifako
64 Ifako Bakare Bello Market Ifako
65 Ifako Ijaiye 1, Taju Bello Close Ifako Ijaye
66 Ifako-Ijaiye 73, Agbado Crossing Rd, Jankara, Ifako-Ijaiye
67 Ijaiye 3, Banjomo Str Hamadiya B/St. Ijaiye
68 Ijaiye 11, Thomas Salako Street, Behind Tanterlizer Ogba Bus Stop Ogbe Ijaiye
69 Ijaiye 5, Agbado Rd, Iju-Ishaga Bus Top, Ifako Ijaiye
70 Ijaiye Ijaiye General Motor Park Ijaiye Ojokoro
71 Ijaiye 27, Muyideen Street Ogba Ijaiye
72 Ijaiye Block 101, Flat 5, Ijaiye Low Costing Estate Agege
73 Ijaiye 10, Akinwale Street Ogba Ijaiye
74 Ijesha 12, Omilani Street Ijesha
75 Ijora 7, Ireti Owoseni Street Ijora
76 iju 68, Agbado Rd, Iju-Ishaga
77 Iju Ifako Ijaiye Housing, Beside Iju Garage
78 Ikeja 2a, Isaac John Str, Gra-Ikeja
79 Ikeja 70, Allen Avenue, Ikeja
80 Ikeja Ikeja Lga Secretariat
81 Ikeja Alade Market, Allen Avenue Ikeja
82 Ikeja Ipodo Ikeja
83 Ikeja Computer Village, Ikeja
84 Ikeja Oritshe Street Balogun Ikeja
85 Ikorodu 1b, Dagbolu Str, Idi-Iroko, Ikorodu
86 Ikorodu 11, Olusesi Anibaba Street, Ikorodu
87 Ikorodu Grammar School Junction Ikorodu
88 ikorodu Odogunyan Bus Stop Extreme
89 Ikorodu 4, Oduyebo Street, Odogunyan Ikorodu
90 Ikorodu Benson Bus Stop Ikorodu
91 Ikorodu Idi Iroko Bus Stop Ikorodu, Lagos
92 Ikorodu 1, Fadugbagbe Close, Ijede, Ikorodu
93 Ikorodu 5, Ewulepe Along Ijede Road, Ikorodu
94 Ikorodu 8, Okeletu Along Ijede Road, Ikorodu Lagos
95 Ikorodu Lucky Fibre Ikorodu, Lagos
96 Ikorodu 15, Ire Akari Along Ijede, Ikorodu
97 Ikorodu Ijede Market Square, Ikorodu
98 Ikorodu Ogolonto Bus Stop Ikorodu, Lagos
99 Ikorodu 18, Agora Off Ijede Ikorodu Lagos
100 Ikorodu 20, Ayangbure Road, Ikorodu, Lagos
101 Ikorodu 15, Itamaga Along Ijede Ikorodu, Lagos
102 Ikotun Plot 4, Suite 32, Association Avenue, Off College B/Stop Ikotun
103 Ikotun Ikotun Bus Stop, Ikotun
104 Ikotun Ikotun Lga Secreteriat
105 Ikotun Alimosho Lg Council Ikotun
106 Ikotun Emmanuel B/St Ikotun
107 Ikoyi Obalende Bus Stop, Obalende
108 Ikoyi 8, Rasaq Okoya Close, Ikoyi
109 Ikoyi Rasaq Okoya Close, Ikoyi
110 ikoyi Falamo Shopping Complex, Awolowo Way, Ikoyi
111 Ikoyi Ncc Zonal Office, 9a Bankole Street, Behind Ikoyi Club Ikoyi
112 Ilasa Davito Sec School, Olayinka Close Ilasa
113 Ilasamaja 9/11, Olayinka Close, Ilasamaja
114 Ilupeju 11, Ilupeju Rd Ilupeju
115 Ipaja 9 Alahaji Fadeyi Str. Iyana Odo B/St Iyana Ipaja
116 Ipaja Blk 18, Federal Low Cost Housing Estate Ipaja
117 Ipaja 14, Olawuyi Str, Ikola Ipaja
118 Ipaja 31 Rd Gowan Estate, Ipaja
119 Ipaja Ipaja Ayobo, Estate, Ipaja
120 Ipaja Ajasa Command Area, Ipaja
121 Ipaja Onikanga Ayobo, Ipaja
122 ipaja 14 , Adeniji Str. Omiata Ile-Iwe
123 Ipaja White Castle Ajasa, Ipaja
124 Ipaja Ipaja Market, Ipaja Estate
125 Ipaja Church Street Shagari Estate Ipaja
126 Ishaga 10, Akande-Toyin Street Bus Stop, Iju Ishaga
127 Ishaga 8, Bajumo Compound, Shala, Ishaga
128 Ishaga 3, Alaba Williams Iju Ishaga
129 Isheri Isheri Mini Market, Ikosi Isheri
130 Isolo 14, Asala Str Isolo
131 Isolo Blk 353, Flat 5, Oke-Afa Isolo Jakande Estate
132 Isolo Oke-Afa Isolo Lagos
133 Isolo Iri-Akari Estate Isolo
134 Isolo Isolo Market, Oshodi Isolo
135 Isolo 2,Alabe Street Aswani Isolo Lagos
136 Isolo Iri-Akari Estate Isolo
137 Isolo Laspotech Barracks
138 Itire 2, Oluwasina Street Itire
139 Iyana Ipaja 16, Yusuf Str. Aboru
140 Iyana Ipaja 20, George Tenel Crescent, Hil Top Eastate Aboru, Iyana Ipaja
141 Iyana Ipaja Church Str, Shagari Estate
142 Ketu 10, Ogunlana Street, Near Nepa Office Ketu
143 Ketu Olowo Ira Junction, Olowo Ira Lagos
144 Ketu 5, Shendi Street, Olowo Ira, Olowo Ira
145 Ketu Ketu Bus/Stop, Ketu, Lagos
146 Ketu 14 Demurin Street, Ketu Lagos
147 Ketu 3, Adedoyin Stret, Mile 12, Ketu
148 Ketu 1 Shonubi Bakare Ketu,
149 Ketu 80, Ikosi Ketu Lagos
150 Ketu Ketu Under Bridge, Ketu Lagos
151 Ketu 4, Oniyorin Street, Mile 12 Ketu Lagos
152 Ketu Owode Oni Bus Stop Along Ikorodu Road, Lagos
153 Ketu Mile 12 Market Agiliti
154 Ketu 71/73 Ikosi Road, Ketu
155 Ketu Love All Street, Takie Bus/Stop Ketu
156 Ketu 16, Ayanbadejo Street, Ketu
157 Ketu Ketu Market, Ketu
158 Kosofe 68, Oworo Road, Oworonsoki, Kosofe
159 Lagos Island Tokunbo Street Lagos Island
160 Lagos Island Tinubu Square, Lagos Island
161 Lagos Island Phase 3 Adeniji Housing Estate
162 Lekki Lekki Phase 1 Entrance Security Post
163 Lekki Sheveron Complex Chevron Road By Lekki
164 Lekki 10, Addo Rd Lekki
165 Lekki Awuyaya Bus Stop Lekki
166 Mafoloku Oluyeye Street Mafoluku
167 Mafoluku Salami Street Mafoluku
168 Makoko 8, Abekeajanikoko Street Makoko
169 Marina Css Bookshop, Marina
170 Marina Marina Post Office
171 Marina General Hospital, Cms
172 Marina Css Book Shop, Cms Bus Stop
173 Maryland Mende, By Mobile Filling Station, Maryland
174 Meiran 7, Omoleye Street Meiran Off Ile-Iwe Bus Stop
175 Meiran Oposite Model College Miran - Ile-Iwe Bus Stop Miran
176 Mushin Arikwoyo Link Majolate, Opposite Majolate Primary School, Mushin
177 Mushin Railway Line. Tow Gate Mushin
178 Mushin 14, Post Office Rd Mushin
179 Mushin 53, Itire Rd Musin
180 Mushin 15, Kuseyi Street, Mushin
181 Mushin 17, Itire Road Mushin
182 Mushin Daleko Market Mushin
183 Mushin 5 Olomowewe Street, Olateju Str, Mushin
184 Mushin 8, Onanuga Street, Off Olateju Mishin
185 Mushin 10, Olateju Vono Close Mushin
186 Mushin 3, Williams Ladeja, Off Abiodun Mushin
187 Mushin 50, Ladipo Street Mushin
188 Mushin Ofada Street Palm Avenue Mushin
189 Mushin 55, Post Office Rd Mushin
190 Mushin Luth Gate, Idiaraba Mushin
191 Mushin 2, Morgan Street, Idiaraba Mushin
192 Mushin Luth Gate, Idiaraba Mushin
193 Ogba 7, College Road Oyemekun Bus Stop Ogba
194 Ojo Ecn Bus Stop Ojo Road
195 Ojo Ligali Street, Ligali Bus Stop Ojo Road
196 Ojo Junction B/Stop, Iba New Town, Ojo, Lagos
197 Ojodu Ojodu Berger Bus Stop, Ojodu
198 Oko Oba 15 Alaramimo Str, Old Oko-Oba
199 Okota 17 Baba Ewe Str, Ago Palace Way Okota
200 Onipanu 38 Oguntolu Str, Onipanu
201 Onipanu Igbobi Orpeadic Hospital, Onipanu
202 Orile Excel Cyber Cafe, Shop X150 Suru Alaba, Orile
203 Orile Odunade Busstop Orile
204 Orile Orile Agege Lg Secretariat
205 Orile 30, Olukosi Street Oke-Odo, Orile Agege
206 Oshodi 3, Adewunmi Ogunefon Ladipo Oshodi
207 Oshodi 20, Orona Street Oshodi
208 Oshodi 9, Adekunle Street Mafoluku Oshodi
209 Oshodi 99, Oshodi Road Oshodi
210 Oshodi Alhaja Abiba Complex Ile Oke B/Stop, Oshodi Road
211 Oshodi 1, Owoseni Street Oshodi Lagos
212 Oshodi 9, Araromi Street Oshodi
213 Oshodi I, Gbehinadun Street Oshodi
214 Oshodi 17, Afariogun Street Oshodi
215 Oshodi 10, Salami Street Oyedele Oshodi
216 Oshodi Odalume Street Ladipo Oshodi
217 Oshodi 15, Ishola Daniel Str, Oshodi
218 Oshodi 27, Alasia Compound Oshodi
219 Oshodi Olatunbosun Street Mafoluku Oshodi
220 Oshodi Suwebatu Street Oshodi
221 Oshodi 5, Ladipo Street Oshodi
222 Oshodi Afariogun Road Oshodi Lagos
223 Oworonsoki Miyaki Street, Oworo
224 Oworonsoki 14 Oyegunle Street, Oworosoki
225 Oworonsoki 42 Surulere Street, Oworosoki
226 Oworonsoki 68, Oworo Road, Oworo
227 Palmgrove Palmgrove
228 Sangotedo Shop 4, Block E, Queens Shop Complex, Sangotedo, Lekki-Epe Express Way
229 Shogunle 15, Ago Owu Street Shogunle
230 Shomolu Olaleye Market, Shomolu
231 Shomolu Apata Street, Olaleye Junction
232 Shomolu Durosimi Street, Junction Shomolu
233 Shomolu 14 Bolaji Omupo Street, Pedro Road,
234 Shomolu Awoseyin Lane Shomolu,
235 Shomolu Alabi Street Shomolu
236 Shomolu 27, Shipeolu Street, Pedro Rd, Somolu
237 Surulere 25, Pedro Road, Surulere
238 Surulere 13, Ishaga Rd, Surulere
239 Surulere 12, Ashabi Sonuyi Street Surulere Lagos
240 Surulere 33, Akerele Str, Surulere
241 Surulere Shitta Surulere
242 Surulere Atunrashe, Bishop Street Surulere
243 Surulere 84, Agbebi Ijeshatedo Surulere
244 Surulere Luth Surulere
245 Victoria Island 8, Louis Solomon Close, Vi
246 Yaba 16, Pako Street Akoka Yaba
247 Yaba Jaja Hall, Room A32, Unilag Lagos


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