The following is a tutorial on how to enable clean URLs on a localhost(test server) installation of Drupal-6 with WampServer.

Drupal version: 6-19
WampServer version: 2.0
Operating System: Windows XP, SP2

I have a Wamp install, where I have several Joomla and Wordpress installations, so I might as well assume that I am on a shared server scenario. By default Drupal-6 will install on your Wamp Test Server with Clean URLs Disabled (turned off).


With Clean URLs disabled, these are examples of how your URLs might look like:

1) To Enable Clean URLs, find your Wampserver Icon in your SystemTray: Apache >> Apache Modules >> check the rewrite module:

from this:


to this:



After the above, refresh your browser for the changes to take place.

2) Log in as administrator into your Drupal Installation, go to:

Administer >> Site Configuration >> Clean URLs. Your Clean URLs "Enable Option" should now be active.



Click on Enabled and Save configuration. Now your URLs would look something like these:

I have the above because I left the URL path settings option of each post blank. If I fill it up with "post3, post2, and post1" respectively, I'll have these as my URLs.

Hope the tutorial was easy to follow. You can leave your comments, opinions and questions below.

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