You are welcome to the new home of This is our first post, and how best to start than with a tutorial.

There are many blogging clients out there and I personally like Blogdesk because its free, neat, light-weight and extremely simple. Blogdesk can be downloaded here.The following is how I setup so that it can be updated using Blogdesk.

1). I would assume you have an installation of blogdesk, if you don't, download and install it first.

2) Log in to your Joomla site as administrator,

goto the Site Menu >> Global Configuration >> System, enable web-services by setting it to YES.

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3) Download and install the Movable Type XML-RPC plugin. Make sure it is enabled: goto Extensions >> Plugin manager:

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4) Launch Blogdesk and create a new blog: File menu >> manage blogs >> new

File Menu >> Manage blogs >> New

  • Give your blog any meaningful name for identification purposes, ex:Nbytes
  • click next
  • blog address: type your blogs address, example:
  • click next
  • Select movable type
  • click next
  • Entry Point: is a default for the domain name I typed in. Yours will depend your own domain name. We need to modify the ending part as follows: Notice the difference between the old and new end part of the entry URLs: change cgi-bin/mt-xmlrpc.cgi to xmlrpc/index.php.
  • click next
  • Enter your login and password
  • click next
  • Get BlogID
  • click next
  • Get Categories
  • click next
  • Test upload
  • Finish


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Hope the above procedure was clear enough and you were able to configure Blogdesk successfully for your weblog. I would like to hear from you. Or perhaps you use another blogging client, pls share your experience.

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0 #1 Tokunbo 2017-06-28 18:20
The correct path should be:

[your site][your Joomla! path]/index.php/component/xmlrpc/


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