I have Fantastico DeLuxe as a software service, on my Cpanel. Click on the Fantastico icon if you have it too.

I suppose you have a valid administrator login the control panel of your domain name.

If you dont’t, pls contact your web-hosting company.



step-1) Click on the Joomla 1.5 Icon on the left to open the window on the right, and then click New Installation.

Click below to enlarge:




step-2) The Joomla 1.5 installation page provides some options for the actual installation. Fill in the blanks where necessary. All helloworld’s in the figure below are for tutorial-purposes only.



a) Install on domain: enter domain name. Mine came pre-filled: nairabytes.com

b) Install in directory: for this tutorial, I’m installing WordPress into its own directory ‘jm’ – without the quotes. Note, the access URL will be http://mydomainname.com/jm. If ‘install in directory’ option is left blank, Joomla will be installed in the default public folder provided by your webhost.

c) Admin access data:
– fill in a username and password for accessing the site.

d)Base configuration:
admin e-mail: enter a valid email address for the administrator account.

Admin full name: enter a name

Site name: enter the name of your domain.

Install Sample Data: leave 'checked'

After supplying necessary details, hit ‘Install Joomla 1.5’.


step-3) Hurrayyy, the installation is complete. The portion red-marked is private to your own installation.



Hit the Finish Installation button.


step-4) The next screen provides you information regarding the installation and configuration paths, your username and password (entered in #2). Below the screen, you have the option to email these information(very important) to your email address for safe-keeping. Enter a valid email address and and hit the send mail button.



and what do we have here: http://nairabytes.com/jm

click to enlarge:



additional links:


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