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As much as Windows Live writer is still on top of the game as far as blogging clients are concerned, I still prefer BlogDesk because it is neat, lightweight(as compared to WLW), easy to install and use. Its actually my on-the-go blogging client.

Do you have a Joomla weblog / website or whatever and you want to embed a youtube video/s into a post:

1) Download and install BlogDesk on your PC.

2) Setup / configure your Joomla install for Blogdesk.

3) You need to download and install a Joomla Plugin called AllVideos.

4) after uploading / installing AllVideos, enable and publish the plugin(AllVideos).


5) Go to and find a video you want to embed. Assuming that the full URL from youtube of your video is:

Note the highlighted code(bold).Compose your post in Blogdesk and embed your video as follows. Insert the following wherever you want the video to be:




6) Publish the post to your Joomla blog/website.

Happy Blogging!


  • the above tutorial was used to publish this post.
  • the above video is a proposal for a Nigerian Ultra Modern Railway Network.

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