This morning, I had a requirement to view a dot cdr(.cdr)- Corel Draw file sent to me by a potential client.

I tried opening it with GIMP, but it failed.

With information sourced from google, I downloaded and installed an application: sK1, as follows.



1) download sk1 from the sk1 download page: I downloaded the version highlighted in RED below for my Debian box.



2) Extract the downloaded archive and you'll see 3-installation files. According to the project maintainers:

All packages have correct dependencies and you can install they just by double-click. All required dependencies will be resolved by package manager automatically. But installation order is follow: sk1libs -> sk1sdk -> sk1

therefore, I installed the files using GDebi Package Installer in this order:

  • python-sk1libs-0.9.2pre-rev1383_0ubuntu1_10.04_i386.deb
  • python-sk1sdk-0.9.1pre2-rev1383_0ubuntu1_10.04_i386.deb
  • python-sk1-0.9.1pre2-rev1383_0ubuntu1_10.04_i386.deb

Right click on the image file to be opened and you'll see: Open with sK1 Illustration program.


thats all folks, Enjoy!

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