Below is the screenshot of as of today 24th October, 2012. This website is not only an apology, it is an insult and an entire disgrace to Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as a people. In fact, I am very ashamed to be a Nigerian at this moment.

With reference to publicly available information, the National Budget for 2012 has the following information(below) with regards to the Ministry of Information:

Ministry of InformationPersonnel = 15,873,933,508 Overhead = 4,105,067,984 Total Recurrent = 19,979,001,492 Capital = 4,100,000,000 Total allocation = 24,079,001,492 Total allocation (US$) = 155,348,397

Percentages of total budgetPersonnel = 65.92% Overhead = 17.05% Capital = 17.03% % of total budget = 0.51%

source:PDF: Federal Government of Nigeria, budget proposal 2012.

I am very sure that with the above as "a proposal", the amount 'passed' by authorities at the end of the day would either not differ from the above and if at all there is a difference, it cannot be up to 1%(one percent), plus-minus. Therefore with all the billions proposed above, why cant Nigeria have a decent website?


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